Pailon is synonym of innovation.

Pailon is a GROUP composed by skilled professionals with a vast experience in branding solutions and visual signage market. The company has become a stable and strong service supplier to corporate clients as well as to multinational companies, operating in all parts of Brazil and also in other countries in Europe, United States and in Latin America.

We always look for and pledge two keys attributes: competence and respect to people. These are what we think is necessary to innovate. Pailon believes and respect our talents and we offers planning sessions, workshops, assessments and career development bonuses to our workers.

Pailon believes that by listening and developing ideas, we achieve the excellence that enables us to deliver our clients’ needs.

This is the partnership concept of our company, in which you can fully trust. To assure our clients’ their project is being handle with proper commitment, the company counts on an organized and efficient structure that allows any project to be executed with high-quality materials, high-technology standards and the interactivity of an online control system.

Pailon is an industry aware of the responsibility of respecting the environment as well, so we fully demand and apply the concept of sustainability in our company. 

Own fabrication facilities

With over 13.000 square meters, in Maringá/PR and Campo Grande/MS develop prototypes and fabricate all projects that carry its brand. All these needs are met with high standards using last generation equipment by a competent technical staff.

Both in the Architecture Signage segment and in other segments such as: Corporate Furniture, Export, billboards, Consulting and Auditing

You Can see the results

The Pailon Group is headquartered in Santana do Parnaíba / SP and a branch in Maringá / PR, but its solutions in architecture signage, corporate furniture, export, billboards, consulting and auditing are present around the world, from Brazil to USA, The countries of Latam America.

Safety and workmanship of your project are guaranteed with Follow up of services through an online system obtaining dates of the project steps, Provision of ART (Technical Responsibility), programming system with preventive maintenance, Assistance throughout the legal process (Cadam / Cadepex).

Geological survey for implementation of your image with planning and logistic, measurements and survey (pre-projects / suggetions / layout options and final project).

Last generation equipment & Software

Making your image with techniques and products.

Vacuum forming, machining and drilling centers, edge banders, routing machines, plasma, tig and mig welders, painting booths and equipment for liquid and powder coating (electrostatic), laser cutting, panel saws, plotter, channel letter machines, crane, fork lifts among other equipment.

Always seeking innovation, Pailon’s fabrication facilities are equipped with the latest in modern machines and high-tech resources, with advanced software and online monitoring in all project phases.

Our fabrication and installation procedures follow technical standards that respect Nature and sustainability concepts.


Pailon is concerned with quality and your comfort, providing temporary warehouses in the states São Paulo, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul.

We invest in stock of raw material for your products, guaranteeing agility of production and delivery. In addition, Pailon has built spaces for the correct storage of its orders, large brand exchange projects and regulatory stocks.

Skilled technical staff

The human resources present at Pailon makes a big dierence. The staff is composed by skilled professionals in several areas.

Civil Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Production Engineers
Architects and designers
Admen and marketing professionals
Technicians and specialists

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

It is just as important for the Pailon Group to respect its customers’, as it is to respect Nature. Engaged in the concept of sustainability, Pailon is part of Incentive to Life Project of the PIVI Institute, is a member of the Green Building Council and meets all technical requirements of respecting the environment.